About us

Shanghai Shenzhong Electric Co., Ltd., established in 2009, has a building area of 4,000 square feet of the plant, with an annual output of various types of counters 3000, the company focused on the field of industrial automation, from system integration, product and program design, programming debugging And professional technical services, God Electric is committed to providing customers with a full range of engineering and technical services. God Electric has implemented more than 600 projects for more than 600 customers, involving a wide range of solutions and industry experience in food and beverage, fine chemicals, automotive, environmental protection, new energy, high voltage transmission and distribution, metallurgical mining and other industries , To establish a skilled, experienced high-quality engineering and technical team.

Corporate culture

Respect, focus, professional, innovation

Respect: respect and respect others' opinions, actions and pay, passionate, true

Focus: with customers, employees to establish trust, clear objectives, teamwork

Professional: the establishment of customer-centric service concept, to provide professional technology and sincere service to enhance customer experience

Innovation: for the professional and technical, innovative ways of thinking innovative, proactive, the pursuit of excellence, and to maintain continuous improvement

Corporate vision

Mission: focus on customer needs, with advanced and reliable products and refinement of value-added services to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Vision: do professional electrical engineering service providers

Organizational structure, project management proce

Ding Jie Yi helps ERP
Ding Jie Yi helps ERP
Ding Jie Yi helps ERP
Ding Jie Yi helps ERP
Ding Jie Yi helps ERP